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Google Wave…The new online colaboration and communication tool

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This week I have been hearing a lot about Google Wave and how it will revolutionize email.  Some call it Email 2.0, others have said it will replace plugins like Silverlight, Flash, and JavaFX.  I was not clear as to what this hype was all about, nor did I really understand the concept behind it.  This being the case, I decided to listen to the Google IO Wave keynote.  If you have some time, I have embedded the keynote video to this article…look below.


So did you get a chance to watch it?  Well after watching it for myself and reflecting on it for a couple of minutes, there is no doubt that this is awesome stuff.  I see Google Wave as a mixture of Gmail and Google Talk.  I think the real-time talk is very cool.  The real-time feature allows you to speak with someone asynchronously, which means you don’t have to wait for someone to type a message before you can send a message back.  The communication stream in Google Wave is a real live stream, so you can actually see what someone is typing right on your computer screen.   Also, I think the “playback” back feature is newsworthy.  The idea behind the “playback” feature is that you can invite another person to a chat session and that other person will recieve a “playback” log of the conversation that has taken place up to the point he or she entered the session.  Finally, I think the drag and drop feature is really cool.  A user can literally drag and drop files or images from their computer onto their browser to share with others. 

As I was watching the demonstration, I was wondering how Google Wave was compared to platform’s like Silverlight, Flash, and JavaFX.  I have read in some blogs how staff at Google describe Google Wave more as a tool than a platform and I certainly agree.  Google Wave is a tool that will be used like email is used today; I like to think of it as SuperEmail.  Silverlight (because I have done some XAML programming), Flash or JavaFX are browser client-plugins that are part of a platform.  There is a big difference.

There is still a lot to be seen with regards to Google Wave, but one thing is for sure, it seems very powerful and exciting.  There is a Google Web Toolkit that Wave is built on but it’s my understanding that it can’t be used today.  Apparently, the application can only run in HTML5, which is not ready yet and won’t be (I believe for some years).  Please correct me if I’m wrong on that.

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