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Best (Free) Spyware/Malware Tools

June 14th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

This week I have cleaned out a couple of computers and have put  together a little package that will fix the most sophisticated virus,trojan, or worm.  Here is my list:

1.) ComboFix


This little handy tool will remedy any nasty virus.  The user interface is a little intimidating, as it ’s just a command prompt that runs on your computer.  combofixComboFix will seek to perform a restore point before the “cleaning” begins and it will reboot your computer as part of the process.


2.) Little Registry Cleaner


This is a good tool for patching up your registry.  It does seem to catch some registry entries that are not harmful but overall it gets the job done.lrc






3.) Microsoft Malicious Software Kit 


This is a pretty thorough kit and you can be sure it will catch any malware in your computer.  It has a Quick and Full scan option, however the Full scan takes about 3 hours to run.mlt 











All 3 of these tools work great and they are completely free of charge (no trial period).  I highly recommend using  ComboFix or the Microsoft Malicious Software kit  first.  Also, I would recommend turning off all your startup applications before running any of these tools.  If you have any questions please don’t hestitate to contact me: rene@renitech.com

Till Next Time,


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